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"Shari has helped us to communicate more effectively by helping us learn to listen to each other better and understand where each other is coming from. This in turn, has helped us to resolve conflicts in a more productive way; taking both of our viewpoints into consideration..."


"You have helped me tremendously with my confidence/self-esteem issues.  I’ve learned where things stemmed from and overcame my difficulties.  I had lost who I was, but now I’m back thanks to help from you!"


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Couple’s Therapy:

Allows any type of couple (i.e., dating, premarital, marital, etc.) to explore and find solutions to frustrating situations they may be experiencing with one another. By understanding relationship patterns and healing old wounds, couples can then focus on getting their needs met/healing themselves and each other as well as what will work for them in the future to resolve their difficulties. We get to the root of your communication and with that understanding we work on creating a more loving, supportive, positive way of interacting. Clients learn communication and conflict resolution skills. These sessions are held in the office and are scheduled as needed.

Couples may come in with (but are not limited to): communication difficulties (fighting, bickering), difficulties identifying triggers or repetitive patterns, confusion of roles, rules, expectations of self and partner and division of tasks, dual-career management problems, wanting to enhance their relationship.

When couples should come in for therapy:

• If you are not feeling heard or understood by your partner.
• If you feel you are not on the same page as your partner.
• If you have negative communication with your partner, i.e., do you feel criticized or put down or maybe
   you criticize or put him/her down?
• If you and your partner are fighting too often or maybe not communicating at all.
•If you are having the same fight(s) or negative pattern(s) of interaction with your partner over and over
   again and wondering why.
• If you are unsure of how to ask for what you need or if you do it's still not being fulfilled.
• If you would like to have better communication and conflict resolution skills.

Individual Therapy:

Offers personal therapeutic sessions, in which the therapist works on a one-to-one basis with the client to help them heal past wounds, address personal issues, and find solutions for their individual situations so growth and change can happen. We get to the root of your feelings and with that understanding we work on finding solutions that will heal and fulfill those needs. We will work on positive thinking and how to create a more fulfilling lifestyle. These sessions are held in the office and are scheduled as needed.

 Individuals may come in with (but are not limited to): difficulties in setting or reaching goals, getting into a routine, time management issues, clutter issues (physically or emotionally), feelings of stress, self-esteem issues, communication difficulties (in any of their relationships), difficulties identifying triggers or repetitive patterns as to get their needs met.

When individuals should come in for therapy:

• If you worry about work, your relationships or other areas of your life.
• If you find the worry difficult to control.
• If you feel on edge, irritable or tense.
• If you have sleep disturbance due to anxiety/stress.
• If you think negatively, i.e., "I won't succeed", "I can never do anything right", etc.
• If you feel you have low self-esteem.
• If you feel that you are not connecting with or having trouble with your interpersonal relationship(s),
  i.e., boy/girlfriend, friends, co-workers, family members, etc.

Practice Guidelines:
Telehealth Services Only.

Hours: Monday-Friday: 1:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Fees & Payment:
Call for a free 15 minute initial phone consultation and to find out about special discounts! Thereafter, Fee-for-service, Venmo, Zelle or Check.  

P.O. Box 82, Merrick, NY 11566-0082

Contact us with any questions and to schedule an appointment:

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