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"You taught us how to better communicate and to work together on our relationship. Going into therapy, we loved..."


"We were fighting about the same things over and over again and could not get out of the pattern, we were not listening to each other and unable to resolve conflicts..."


about shari

Communication Skills:

"You taught us how to better communicate and to work together on our relationship. Going into therapy, we loved each other but had real difficulty listening and truly understanding one another at times. You helped us understand each of our perspectives and many of the underlying reasons for our perceptions. Our relationship not only survived, but grew and deepened, due in large part to your help and guidance! Thank you Shari!" -S & J

"My husband and I found it very comfortable and easy to work with Shari. Her knowledge and expertise allows her clients to focus on their concerns in a productive environment. We experienced much self-discovery during our sessions with Shari. We believe the major improvement of our marriage is due to her guidance and direction. Although we've temporarily stopped our sessions, we're hoping to continue working with Shari again when our schedules permit. We greatly recommend Shari's services to anyone serious in improving the quality of their life and relationships. We're confident you'll be as pleased with your progress as we are with ours." - Lisa & Greg

"My experience with Shari was a very pleasant one of 3-4 months of couples counseling. Shari was kind and in my eyes very kind and a conscientious professional that takes her work very seriously. I would recommend her for anyone looking to better their relationships and personal life." - Anonymous

"The book reading material was helpful, as were the conversations we had with Shari. I think the exercises were very helpful in getting us through difficult issues." - Anonymous

"Shari has helped us to communicate more effectively by helping us learn to listen to each other better and understand where each other is coming from. This in turn, has helped us to resolve conflicts in a more productive way; taking both of our viewpoints into consideration." - Anonymous

“Shari created a safe and comfortable environment from which my fiancé and I could open up about our difficulties.  She gently guided us toward self resolution, helping us to identify effective communication practices along the way.  This was by far the most productive and enjoyable therapeutic experience I could have asked for.  I am a more intelligent and patient and mature person from having worked under her care in just 3 sessions.” -Anonymous


Conflict Resolution Skills:

"We were fighting about the same things over and over again and could not get out of the pattern, we were not listening to each other and unable to resolve conflicts. Shari helped us to not just understand where the root of the problems came from, but to listen to each other's views and put ourselves in the other's shoes even if we disagreed; it was at this point we were able to take what each of us were feeling, compromise and decide upon a resolution that we were both happy with. She helped us get unstuck. Now we have the tools and skills we need for a happy, healthy marriage. With practice and consistency, we have maintained change." - Anonymous

"I've always been skeptical and hesitant about the idea of therapy. However, after being referred to Shari I now stand corrected. Shari's support and guidance has given myself and my partner the tools to understand, accept and value one another. We've learned how to resolve conflicts and for the first time in memory, actually enjoy each other's company." - Anonymous



"I feel working with Ms. Siegel was a very positive experience. She gave such strong direction to us. Her very professional and caring approach was much appreciated. At the end of each session, you felt a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you for all your help." - Anonymous

"Everyone has stress and anxiety in their lives. Shari has helped me figure out where mine comes from, what triggers me and how to manage it. Learning what my emotional needs are and how to get them met as well as learning new and more effective coping skills has helped me a great deal in decreasing my anxiety/stress levels. I understand myself now and am able to calm the worry. I know to do one thing at a time and I will reach my goals. Thank you Shari!" - Anonymous

"Shari has helped me think in a more positive way, which not only has helped me to see things from a different perspective, but has also helped reduce my anxiety and stress levels." - Anonymous


Negative Thought Patterns:

"You have helped me tremendously with my confidence/self-esteem issues.  I’ve learned where things stemmed from and overcame my difficulties.  I had lost who I was, but now I’m back thanks to help from you!" - L

"My experience with you has been wonderful. Your warm, compassionate nature made me feel comfortable opening up and talking about my feelings. I have noticed a big change in my self esteem since I first started. I am now a more confident person. Thank you for allowing me to take you on the journey of my life." - H

"I really enjoyed working with you. You helped me see things from a different perspective and understand why I am the way I am. I've reached my goal of knowing that I will be able to get over my break-up and move on (that I'll be okay). I'm not going to blame myself alone for relationships that are rocky (family, boyfriend and friends). Thank you!" - Anonymous

"I was down on myself and my abilities, I was thinking negatively. Shari helped build my self-esteem and see all the positive qualities and capabilities I have. With this new perspective and practice, I have learned to change the negative thoughts into positive ones, i.e., I am very good at my job, just because I make a mistake now and then doesn't mean I am awful, everyone makes mistakes, noone is perfect, I am valuable to the company as I am reliable, organized, responsible, etc. She also helped me to see where the negativity comes from and understanding is half the battle. The other half of healing and changing my negative thinking I have also conquered." - Anonymous

"The therapy I went through with Shari really did me a world of good. I feel as if I went in there at the beginning vaguely flailing around for some kind of self-definition. I had recently lost my mother, I had no relationship, my relationship with my son was strained. Not quite a year later, and I've gained a whole new perspective on my life and my place in the world. I have applied for my master's in teaching, I'm deeply involved in genealogy and writing. I've finally realized that I don't need a relationship to feel validated, and that a relationship right now would actually take away from this new adventure in self-discovery on which I've started. My son calls me often now, and I can only think it is because he senses a change in me that lets him communicate more freely. But mostly I feel a true sense of well-being for the first time in my life. I will, most likely, want to continue the talk therapy in the near future, as it has had such a positive effect. I am truly grateful to Shari for her very positive support and guidance." - J


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